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  • Customize your own case designs with our easy app in minutes!

    Design your own cases online in minutes.

    Just follow the easy steps in our designer app to create an awesome design in minutes – as many times as you want! Design and save unlimited designs for free.  Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more!  Buy any cases you want and it’s printed and shipped to your door. Have fun! (check for discounts below!)

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  • Design anything you want with your own custom case designs.

    Monkey around with your designs.

    It’s easy to design your own custom iPhone cases and iPad cases.  Monkey around with cool unique colors, text, your own pictures and graphics in seconds.  You can upload your own pictures or try some of ours!  We’ve got the perfect low-profile, quality iPhone 4/4s cases, iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 5s cases, iPhone 5c cases, iPhone 3G cases, and new iPad cases are coming soon!

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  • iPhones all look the same.  Be Unique!

    iPhone all more or less looks the same out of the box, as do most of the popular pre-made cases out there. A custom iPhone case is one of the best ways to make your awesome iPhone that much more awesome, because it will be unique. Why have just 1? You don’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, why use the same iPhone case? Accessorize with unique styles and stay fresh with custom Case Monkey cases!

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  • Share and customize designs with friends.

    Share Cool Designs with Friends, Teammates, Organizations, and more!

    Make a design and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, or any network.  They can even load and customize the design themselves to make their own version!  This can be great for companies, sports teams, clubs, fans, or organizations!

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Our Cases

iPhone 6 Tough Case

iPhone 6 Tough Snap On Case

iPhone 6 Tough Case | Fits Devices: iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 Tough Case is our idea of the perfect case. It’s slim enough that it doesn’t add bulk when the phone is in your pocket or purse. However, the tight fitting silicon liner provides protection if the case is dropped accidentally. It features an extra smooth outside shell with your custom design printed on it from edge to edge.

Design a Custom iPhone 6 Case

iPhone 5 Snap On Case

iPhone 5 / 5s Snap On Case | Fits Devices: iPhone 5 / 5S

This is a lightweight, glossy, polycarbonate iPhone 5/5S case. The hard outer shell of the case protects your phone from drops and falls, but it’s still slim enough to not add any bulk to your phone. This case is barely noticable when it’s in your pocket, unlike bulky rubber cases. This case features an easy, snap on installation. You can charge, sync, and snap pictures while in the case.

Design a Custom iPhone 5 Case

iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 Snap On Case – White | For Devices: iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4 (and 4s) Thinshield is the perfect balance of protection and sleek style without being bulky. This easy snap-on one-piece hard-shell fits perfectly snug and is barely noticeable in your pocket. The hard plastic is very durable and can protect the phone from common drops or falls. Your design is printed across the entire back of the case, from edge to edge professionally in high quality, and the color of the un-printed areas are solid black.

Design a Custom iPhone 4 Case

Design your own custom iPhone case today!

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