Get Ready to Design Your Own iPhone 5S Case: Latest iPhone Revealed This Fall

The tech blog affiliated with the Wall Street Journal, AllThingsD, has reported that Apple will be unveiling the latest iPhone on September 10th, 2013.   Just as Apple is prepping for this so called “release date”, we are over here prepping for whatever new phone they announce so you will be able to design your own iPhone 5S case.  Apple has yet to make any of their own announcements about this release date, but AllThingsD has been fairly accurate in releasing reports about inside Apple information in the past.  If Apple continues with their usual pattern releasing the iPhone 5 on September 2012 and the iPhone 4S on October 2011, then they should be right on track to releasing their newest iPhone this fall.

New Phone or Enhanced Version

It is possible that the new release could be called the iPhone 6, but it is more likely to be the iPhone 5S.  It has been speculated that this new product will maintain the same design as the current iPhone 5, but with some general upgrades.  It is believed that this new product will be more of the same metal, plastic, and glass material that makes up all the older versions of the iPhone.  As great as the new phone may be, it sounds like it’s still going to need the same protection.  Luckily we will make it just as easy to design your own iPhone 5S case as with any of our other cases. Some of the differences that the iPhone 5S are likely to have will be a faster processor, an extended battery life, and an improved camera with a dual LED flash.  The biggest difference that the iPhone 5S will have, that the iPhone 5 does not have, is rumored to be a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone.

This new model will run with the latest iOS 7, which Apple announced would be released in the Fall 2013. This operating system will include new typography, a new color palette, and re-designed icons. Other smart-phones entering the market against Apple, such as the Samsung Galaxy, has put a bit of a dent in the iPhone sales so hopefully the iPhone 5S will meet the many expectations of consumers.

Start to Design Your Own iPhone 5S Case

Just as with the other top phone brands, we will be getting cases ready for whatever new product Apple has to offer.  We want you to be able to protect your phone as soon as you get it.  With only one month away, you may want to start  to design your own iPhone 5S case.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Up With the Mustache Trend

Mustaches seem to not only be growing on faces these days, but on wardrobes as well. The ‘stache is back showing up on clothes, cakes, nails, jewelry, baby binkies and more. You can become a part of this trend by customizing your own mustache Samsung Galaxy S4 case. Now males aren’t the only ones who get to embrace this fun-facial hair culture.

What Style is Your Mustache Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Growing?

The hardest part may be deciding which type of mustache your going to use to design your case. Will it be the Walrus, the Fu Manchu or the Dali? The possible styles for your Samsung Galaxy S4 case are endless. On top of that, you may decide you want to add a funny saying to your case. A favorite for many being, “I mustache you a question, but will shave it for later.”

Once you’ve created your design, you may be wondering what exactly your ‘stache says about you. It’s all up to your own interpretation, but here’s what we think about a few of the styles. The Walrus says you are laid back and fun, and you have an aura of low-key. The Fu Manchu says you are masculine yet introspective, a scholar and yet a fighter. Finally, the Dali says you are unique and original, or in other words you are completely off the wall. Makes It Easy makes it easy to get your Samsung Galaxy S4 case designed with the perfect mustache that fits your style and maybe even your personality. In four simple steps you can upload your photo and add graphics or texts creating the perfect case. Find out for yourself how fun and easy it is to make your own case. We’d would love to sit here all day and tell you exactly how great it is, but unfortunately we really mustache.

Make Your iPhone Photo Case Satisfy Your Wanderlust

iPhone Photo CaseAn iPhone photo case with a travel-themed design serves more than just a trendy phone cover. It can be a memoir of your incredible journey, or an inspiration to leave the comfort of your home and set forth on a new voyage. Do you have any memories from a trip you took to Paris, one of Europe’s most populous cities? Maybe you have just always been inspired by this enchanting city and the thought of indulging on an espresso with a pain au chocolat for breakfast, shopping in Triangle d’Or where all the finest couture shops stand, and strolling through the garden of Versailles. What better image to use for your iPhone Photo Case than the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of the city itself.

Reasons to Make Memories All Over the Word

A travel iPhone photo case will remind you of the many reasons why you have, or why you might want to venture the world. The different perspectives you see from the cities you’ve never been and the people you’ve never met help you realize what’s important and what you might be missing out on. It gives you a new set of eyes that may change the assumptions you have made about life. Traveling also establishes a sense of confidence. It breaks your current habits and encourages you to get over your fears of the unknown. When thrown into such a different routine and different experiences, you are given the opportunity to learn something new about your self. Beyond all the self-discoveries you may encounter, you also get to learn and connect with the world around you. The relations you make with the people you meet will create lasting memories you’ll never want to forget. Design an iPhone photo case that reminds you of the reasons why you love, or would love to travel.

FREE custom phone case: Facebook Summer Photo Contest

As summer begins to reach the peak of the season, we are giving you another reason to celebrate this wonderful time of year.  From July 31st, 2013 to August 15th, 2013 you can enter’s Summer Photo Contest on Facebook for a chance to win a FREE custom phone case!  All it takes is for you to upload your best summer design onto a custom phone case on  Once your masterpiece is finished and your design is saved, you can copy the URL link of your case and post it onto our Facebook wall at

How to Enter:

  • -Begin designing a phone case here and enter your email address to save your design.
  • -After the export is complete you will be taken to a new page with your completed case design.
  • -Copy the URL link from this page and post it on to our Facebook wall at
  • -Encourage people to “Like” your photo

Be the Custom Phone Case Winner

Now it is up to the rest of the world to decide whether your summer case design is the best one out there, and if you deserve a FREE custom phone case.  If your photo receives the most “Likes” and you are selected by to be the winner, then you can choose between a free custom case for an iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 case.  Remember the last day to submit a photo and acquire all your “Likes” is August 15th.

Summer Design Inspirations

There’s just something about summer that makes people smile, but why is that?  For us there are a number of reasons, one great reason being the sun.  As the days grow longer and the nights get shorter we are able to take full advantage of the benefits from the sun. In fact, there is a chemical serotonin produced in the body that is released with more exposure to the sun, which is a hormone known to make you happy.  Another great reason we love summer are the vacations!  Without school in session, there’s no better time for taking a break. Whether it is a month or a weekend vacation, we’ve all been able to enjoy those few days when we can finally kick our feet up and take time to relax.  What are your reasons for loving summer? Use any of these reasons as an inspiration to start your summer design on your custom phone case!

Enter Now

Give a Custom Galaxy Case or Give a Gift Card

A custom Galaxy case has always been, and still is, a great gift whether it is for someone’s birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, or some other wonderful celebration.  Sometimes giving such a perfect gift can be harder than you thought though.  You might not know what type of phone that special someone has, and you may not know his or her style well enough to design a custom phone case that they will actually use.  To solve these issues that may arise, we have provided you the option to give a gift card instead!  It’s easy for you and fun for them.  If your not sure whether they own the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy S4, you no longer have to worry about which custom Galaxy case will be the right case.  Maybe they don’t even own a Samsung Galaxy, but rather an iPhone.

Gift of Designing a Custom Galaxy Case

It’s still that same great gift, but now the person receiving it can enjoy the fun in personalizing it himself or herself.  That means you also won’t have to worry about whether they will like the design that you made.  By giving that special someone a gift card they are sure to get a case that will fit their phone with a design they will be guaranteed to love.

Giving a Gift Card

We offer two options for our gift cards.  We have a $30 and a $50 dollar gift card to choose from.  If you know it’s a custom Galaxy case they are looking for, then the $30 gift card will be a wonderful gift.  If you want to give them the option to design more than one custom Galaxy case, or maybe design a custom iPad case, then the $50 gift card will be an even better gift.  You’ll still get the credit for coming up with this unique yet practical gift, and you’ll be letting that special someone enjoy the fun of actually designing it.

Get a Gift Card Here

We’ve Got You Covered: Custom iPhone 5 Case Design From Edge to Edge

People will look at a number of different phone cases for days in order to find that perfect case, which of course makes sense seeing that not many people want to turn their good looking iPhone into some unattractive box. Our custom iPhone 5 case will help end your search short. We know you look for certain factors such as how durable the case is, how bright the design is, and overall how good the general appearance is. Many people not only look at the design of the case, but they also take into consideration how the design print is laid out and the quality of that print. We let you choose your case, and create the design for your case so that you can have the perfect case that fits all your requirements. A common concern people have is whether their design will extend to the edges of the case. With our custom iPhone 5 case you can have that option. The iPhone 5 Snap On Case will have your design printed from edge to edge and even around the curved corners of the case!

Sleek Finish for Your Custom iPhone 5 Case

This custom iPhone 5 case will give your finished product a bright and polished look. It is made of a super gloss hard plastic shell, which makes it more durable in order to help protect your phone from common falls. The original color of the case is white, so the colors that you choose from your computer screen will appear very similar to the actual colors printed on your case. This custom iPhone 5 case will meet all your needs from durability to design.

Calling All Comic Fans: Comic Custom iPad Case

What better time to create a comic custom iPad case than now in the midst of the international Comic-Con 2013?  If you are a big fan, you are probably sitting in the San Diego convention center right now partaking in the festivities.  As one of the many thousands of people attending this event, be sure to show which comic you are a fan of on your custom iPad case or on any other device case.  For those of us who are not fortunate enough to be attending this special event, we can still show our support on our custom iPad case too!

Keeping Comics in Our Lives

There are several reasons why people are fans of comics and why making them a part of our everyday lives, such as on a custom iPad case, can be a great idea.  First, the most plain and simple reason is because we love heroes or the “good guys”.  It’s hard not to love someone who spends his or her life saving the world.  Second, the creativity that goes into making a comic makes them that much more unique.  Not only does it take the creative skill as a writer, but it also takes the creative skill as an artist.  The third reason is how comics bring us back to childhood when life was much simpler.  Comic books are some of the few stories that can go on for several years.  You could read a Spiderman comic today that is part of the same story that you read when you where 10 years old.

Which Comic Will You Represent on Your Custom iPad Case?

The hardest part of creating your custom iPad case may be trying to decide which comic will have the honor of being on your case.  There are always the popular household names like Superman, Spider Man, and Batman to name a few.  Don’t feel limited to covering your case with only superheroes though.  You can’t forget about the classic comics like Archie’s Comics, Popeye the sailor man, or other comics that might have appeared in your Sunday newspaper. If you really want to get creative make your own comic and use that as your case design!

Create Your Comic Case  

Create a DIY Phone Case

In recent trends people have become extremely attracted to the “do-it-yourself” endeavors.  Without the aid of professionals, people have been taking projects into their own hands.  Social networks like Pinterest have blown up with a variety of unique and creative DIY crafts, clothing, furniture and more.  With you can create a DIY phone case.  You’ll have the opportunity to use your creative juices to come up with your ideal case design, and you’ll come to appreciate your case that much more since it will have a unique meaning to you.  A DIY phone case will feel better than any other store bought phone case you could buy.

DIY Phone Case Ideas

We have come up with a few of our own DIY phone case ideas. You can take these ideas and create your own that looks the exact same, create a similar one with your own personal tweak, or you can come up with a completely new and unique design!

Our first idea or category is a symbolic DIY phone case. Choose a symbol that is important to you or represents something important in your life. This could be anything ranging from a meaningful religious symbol or maybe just your favorite décor symbol. As big fans of the aquatic life we chose to go with an anchor symbol.

Our second category is a photograph DIY phone Case. Everyone loves a good photo whether it is admiring the beauty of an incredible shot or looking back on a piece of your memory. Sunsets are always a good go-to as it’s hard for anyone not to find those admiring.

Finally, our third category is geometric DIY phone Case. Like any DIY phone case this category is up for countless interpretations. You can choose something simple like stripes or polka dots, or you can go for more complex shapes. We chose to do one of our favorite patterns from the ancient Aztecs, which is a combination of geometric shapes.

Creativity and Quality

The biggest difference with our DIY phone case is that it will be printed for you. The designs on our cases will last long so you won’t have to try and maintain the look of your case. You won’t have to continuously re-glue pieces of paper or symbols that might fall off in a couple weeks, or re-draw images that wear off every time you touch your phone. You still get the creative aspect with double the quality!

Bringing Your Samsung Galaxy Case Back to the 1920’s

In a world where technology is all about the newest up-and-coming trends that nobody has ever been seen before, fashion tends to be the complete opposite where the hottest trends are usually a blast from the past. But what about having a little bit of both? Like having the latest greatest Samsung Galaxy S4 with all its amazing features such as a 5” touch screen display and a 13MP camera, while all at the same time protecting this phone with a fashionable vintage Samsung Galaxy case.

Simplicity of Your Samsung Galaxy Case

Many people have a sense of nostalgia for the olden days when things were much simpler. The vintage trends have given people a chance to feel like they can take a step back in time away from the commotion and stress of the 21st century. In 1876 the first sentence successfully transmitted over a telephone was “Watson come here; I want you,” by Alexander Graham Bell. Today that same line can be transmitted not only over a telephone, but also through a text message, email, and/or social media platform all from the same device with half the amount of effort. That first sentence was transmitted within the same building from one room to the next. Today we can communicate with someone in the next room just as easy as with someone across the world. With your Samsung Galaxy you can appreciate the many capabilities technology has given you, and with your vintage Samsung Galaxy case you can remember and appreciate the days from when it all began.

Samsung Galaxy Case Vintage Designs

A Samsung Galaxy Case with a design from the 1920’s will not only make you appreciate these precious years, but people will love the trendy look it adds to your phone. You can design your case with a current photo and give it a vintage filter to it making it look like you just found it in your great grandmothers jewelry box. You could also use an old floral pattern that was commonly used back in the day or an image of your favorite vintage item, such as the first telephone. The options are endless for how you can design your Samsung Galaxy Case. Be unique and go chic!

Create A Case Now

A Broken iPhone and a Simple Solution: Make your Own iPhone Case

These days a broken iPhone has become quiet the expense.  It is estimated that close to six billion dollars have been spent on broken iPhones in repairs and replacements.  I think this has made many people come to realize is that these devices aren’t the best swimmers.  Not only that, but they don’t take impact very lightly either.  You can make your own iPhone case, which won’t necessarily make it any better of a swimmer, but it can help you from having to contribute to this six billion expense that has acquired overtime from each broken iPhone.

Top Causes That Lead to a Broken iPhone

iPhones, and more generally Smartphones, have become such a major part of today’s society.  People take their iPhones with them everywhere, and by everywhere I mean everywhere.  It seems many people can’t even leave their iPhone behind for just a couple minutes even when they are going to the bathroom.  So, in today’s society our phones are much more vulnerable to impact.  If you make your own iPhone case you can protect your phone from theses common accidents like dropping it from your hand or scratching it while it sits in your purse.

The top five reasons people break their iPhones are:

  1. 1.) They drop their iPhone from their hands
  2. 2.) They drop their iPhone into a toilet (or some other body of water)
  3. 3.) Their iPhone falls out of their lap
  4. 4.) Their iPhone is knocked off of a table or other surface
  5. 5.) Their iPhone gets soaked by liquid spills

Make Your Own iPhone Case for Protection from Everyday Wear and Tear

Many people don’t like the bulk or the design of a case so they avoid ever getting one for their phone.  The original look of an iPhone does look pretty sleek when it’s new, but it doesn’t take long for a simple scratch to ruin that special look.  Who knows how little time it might take for it to experience some serious damages.  If you make your own iPhone case you can create the perfect design that fits your style, and you can choose a case that isn’t too bulky that will still fit in your pocket.  Get started on your case now and save yourself some repair costs!

Make Your Own iPhone Case Here