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Samsung Galaxy S4 Snap On Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 Snap On Case
Samsung Galaxy S4 Snap On Case Samsung Galaxy S4 Snap On Case

This is a lightweight, glossy, polycarbonate Galaxy S4 case. The hard outer shell of the case protects your phone from drops and falls, but it's still slim enough to not add any bulk to your phone. This case is barely noticable when it's in your pocket, unlike bulky rubber cases. This case features an easy, snap on installation. You can charge, sync, and snap pictures while in the case.

The custom design that you make prints around the entire edge of the case. Prints on glossy white cases like this one come out vibrant and bright compared to black cases, and as a result can be a good choice for images that are dark or low contrast.

Please note that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a different size and will NOT fit this case.

This case typically is processed and shipped within 24-48 hours from when you place your order. USPS estimates between 2-6 days US domestic shipping time.

Customize Online Yes
Processing and Shipping
Production Time 1-2 days
Material Polycarbonate gloss
Prints Around Edges Yes

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