Black Friday Sales: iPhone Cases

The holidays are going to be here faster than you can say “How many deer would a reindeer reign if a reindeer could reign deer?” So keep an eye out for some extra Black Friday discounts we will be posting to help you save some money this year.

Black Friday Sale Custom iphone case  

Black Friday Shopping Chaos!

Shopping for the best gift may not require you to setup camp outside Best Buy this year. You will not even have to enter the chaos of the shopping malls with your best pair of running shoes on. Maybe the camping trips and mall marathons are not that bad as I hear, but sometimes creating a special gift can be easier than trying to pick one out. Here at Case Monkey, we have an assortment of phone and iPad case models to choose from. And our online design tool allows you to personalize each special gift.

Custom Phone Case Black Friday Sales

We currently carry iphone 6 & 6plus, iPhone 5 & 5s, Samsung Galaxy s4, iPad 2-4 & iPad Air cases. There are different cases available to meet your custom needs. For the active and buttery fingers type, we have the tough case that will save your phone from frequent tumbles. For the people who just need a simple case, we have the Snap On case. If you are going for something more sleek looking, we also carry the matte case. There is also the option of purchasing a gift card so that your special someone can try out their own designing skills.

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Different Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Get a Custom Case!

i love you case

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of that perfect gift for that special someone! The best gifts are the ones that mean a lot – the gift giver thought about it, chose something specifically for the recipient, and made it specifically for them.

Custom Made

A custom made gift is even better – the gift giver took the time to think of the gift, made it ahead of time, and personalized it specifically for the recipient. Custom iPhone, Custom iPad, and Custom Galaxy cases are the perfect gift for that special someone. It’s a custom gift that they would probably not think of themselves, and really shows that some thought was put into it. It’s challenging these days to find a different, surprising gift for your significant other. However, a custom case resolves that challenge.

Photos on your case

Does your girlfriend love her dog? Get her a custom iPhone case with a cute picture of her dog on it. Is she close with her family? Make her a new iPad case with her and her family. If you recently went on vacation, choose a favorite memory or scenery picture for your case.

Personalize it with Text

In addition to your own custom pictures, custom text is a good way to personalize the case. You can write your significant other’s name on the case or add your anniversary. You can include a quote about what he/she means to you or something inspiring.

It’s free to design – so click here to make a couple samples for a potential Valentine’s Day gift!