Design Your Own Phone Case To Protect Your Phone

Protect Your Phone

Your phone is like a small portable laptop that fits right in your pocket or purse. It is a small but valuable object that we carry around with us almost everywhere. So it is important to protect it with a phone case. And what better way to create the perfect case than to design your own phone case. When designing you own phone case, you can customize everything from the type of case the to color and design of the phone case. With’s online tools, you can easily create just the design you want. The power to create is just a few clicks away.

The Right Type of Case

The other day when I was longboarding, I tossed my phone into my hoodie pocket. I was doing a trick from a position of siting on my board to standing, and my phone flew out of my pocket. It landed face down on the cement and the screen was  cracked with the LCD screen completely broken. I had a case on my phone, but for the type of activity I was doing, a thin plastic case was not enough. I definitely could have gone with a tough case to have that extra layer of protection for shock absorbent in this situation. The tough case is a little more expensive than the standard case, but a few extra dollars would have gone a long way. For you who carry your phone with you during outdoor activities, I would suggest the tough case. If your phone sits in a purse or bag most of the time, then a basic snap on case will do.

Design Your Own Phone Case

It is easy to design your own phone case using Case-Monkey’s online design tools. You can add photos, add backgrounds, and different fonts to your phone case. The quality of the plastic and the rubber lining are top quality and will not break easily. You can also select a shiny or matte case depending on the look you are going for.

Start Designing!

Give a Custom Galaxy Case or Give a Gift Card

A custom Galaxy case has always been, and still is, a great gift whether it is for someone’s birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, or some other wonderful celebration.  Sometimes giving such a perfect gift can be harder than you thought though.  You might not know what type of phone that special someone has, and you may not know his or her style well enough to design a custom phone case that they will actually use.  To solve these issues that may arise, we have provided you the option to give a gift card instead!  It’s easy for you and fun for them.  If your not sure whether they own the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy S4, you no longer have to worry about which custom Galaxy case will be the right case.  Maybe they don’t even own a Samsung Galaxy, but rather an iPhone.

Gift of Designing a Custom Galaxy Case

It’s still that same great gift, but now the person receiving it can enjoy the fun in personalizing it himself or herself.  That means you also won’t have to worry about whether they will like the design that you made.  By giving that special someone a gift card they are sure to get a case that will fit their phone with a design they will be guaranteed to love.

Giving a Gift Card

We offer two options for our gift cards.  We have a $30 and a $50 dollar gift card to choose from.  If you know it’s a custom Galaxy case they are looking for, then the $30 gift card will be a wonderful gift.  If you want to give them the option to design more than one custom Galaxy case, or maybe design a custom iPad case, then the $50 gift card will be an even better gift.  You’ll still get the credit for coming up with this unique yet practical gift, and you’ll be letting that special someone enjoy the fun of actually designing it.

Get a Gift Card Here

Calling All Comic Fans: Comic Custom iPad Case

What better time to create a comic custom iPad case than now in the midst of the international Comic-Con 2013?  If you are a big fan, you are probably sitting in the San Diego convention center right now partaking in the festivities.  As one of the many thousands of people attending this event, be sure to show which comic you are a fan of on your custom iPad case or on any other device case.  For those of us who are not fortunate enough to be attending this special event, we can still show our support on our custom iPad case too!

Keeping Comics in Our Lives

There are several reasons why people are fans of comics and why making them a part of our everyday lives, such as on a custom iPad case, can be a great idea.  First, the most plain and simple reason is because we love heroes or the “good guys”.  It’s hard not to love someone who spends his or her life saving the world.  Second, the creativity that goes into making a comic makes them that much more unique.  Not only does it take the creative skill as a writer, but it also takes the creative skill as an artist.  The third reason is how comics bring us back to childhood when life was much simpler.  Comic books are some of the few stories that can go on for several years.  You could read a Spiderman comic today that is part of the same story that you read when you where 10 years old.

Which Comic Will You Represent on Your Custom iPad Case?

The hardest part of creating your custom iPad case may be trying to decide which comic will have the honor of being on your case.  There are always the popular household names like Superman, Spider Man, and Batman to name a few.  Don’t feel limited to covering your case with only superheroes though.  You can’t forget about the classic comics like Archie’s Comics, Popeye the sailor man, or other comics that might have appeared in your Sunday newspaper. If you really want to get creative make your own comic and use that as your case design!

Create Your Comic Case  

Create a DIY Phone Case

In recent trends people have become extremely attracted to the “do-it-yourself” endeavors.  Without the aid of professionals, people have been taking projects into their own hands.  Social networks like Pinterest have blown up with a variety of unique and creative DIY crafts, clothing, furniture and more.  With you can create a DIY phone case.  You’ll have the opportunity to use your creative juices to come up with your ideal case design, and you’ll come to appreciate your case that much more since it will have a unique meaning to you.  A DIY phone case will feel better than any other store bought phone case you could buy.

DIY Phone Case Ideas

We have come up with a few of our own DIY phone case ideas. You can take these ideas and create your own that looks the exact same, create a similar one with your own personal tweak, or you can come up with a completely new and unique design!

Our first idea or category is a symbolic DIY phone case. Choose a symbol that is important to you or represents something important in your life. This could be anything ranging from a meaningful religious symbol or maybe just your favorite décor symbol. As big fans of the aquatic life we chose to go with an anchor symbol.

Our second category is a photograph DIY phone Case. Everyone loves a good photo whether it is admiring the beauty of an incredible shot or looking back on a piece of your memory. Sunsets are always a good go-to as it’s hard for anyone not to find those admiring.

Finally, our third category is geometric DIY phone Case. Like any DIY phone case this category is up for countless interpretations. You can choose something simple like stripes or polka dots, or you can go for more complex shapes. We chose to do one of our favorite patterns from the ancient Aztecs, which is a combination of geometric shapes.

Creativity and Quality

The biggest difference with our DIY phone case is that it will be printed for you. The designs on our cases will last long so you won’t have to try and maintain the look of your case. You won’t have to continuously re-glue pieces of paper or symbols that might fall off in a couple weeks, or re-draw images that wear off every time you touch your phone. You still get the creative aspect with double the quality!

Create Your Own iPad Case with a Custom Photo Collage!

Photo collages are a fun and easy craft for all ages that can make a memorable decoration for various occasions. These can be great for any custom case, like an iPhone Case or a Samsung Galaxy Case, but the larger and wider back makes an iPad Case the best to fit most pictures into the layout.  Plus, what could be a better location for such an ideal piece of artwork than covering the back of your custom iPad case that can go anywhere and everywhere with you, unlike most photo albums that sit on a shelf collecting dust!  Here’s are a few steps to take into consideration when creating your photo collage for your case.

Keep a Theme in Mind for Your Custom iPad Case

Before your start compiling all of your photos together, you will want to choose a theme for your photo collage. If you are making a gift for your friends birthday, you might want to choose a theme based on their past birthday memories or pictures with close friends.  If you love flowers, for example, you could make that your theme and create a collage of different types of flowers, which always looks pretty.  You could also choose a theme that focuses more on the style of photo, for example using all black and white or vintage images.  You can create the perfect collage for your custom iPad Case with the endless amount of themes to choose from.

Colors for Your Custom iPad Case

If you really want to make your custom iPad case more appealing, it is important to focus on the colors of your collage and make sure they flow and match. With proper use of colors you can make certain photos stand out more than others by placing contrasting colors together. Be sure the colors don’t clash or drown each other out, though, because if you have too many overpowering colors it can make it busy and harder to focus on the imagery in the collage photos.

Design a Layout for Your Photo Collage iPad Case

This can be one of the most fun steps when you create a photo collage. Your layout is how you choose to organize the photos that will be displayed on your custom iPad Case. You can choose to display all your photos in an organized row or have them more randomly displayed. This is also when you will want to choose the size of your photos and which order they are stacked in (which pictures are in front or behind others).

As you move around photos and decide where they overlap, you an use the Adjustment menu to “bring to front” or “send backwards”.  Just click one of your photos and the menu appears on the left.  Or, if the photos don’t overlap  they can have space in between creating a border between them where the background colors show through.  It’s up to you!  Again, your options are endless for the layout, but just for a little hint: you may want to place your favorite photo toward the center, and a bit larger, because this tends to be where most viewers focus on first and adds a nice balance.

Add Your Own Custom Text or More Little Graphics

Once you have created the perfect photo collage for your custom iPad case, you will have the option to add other decorations. As you continue through the steps of customizing a case you can add words, phrases, or other drawings that might compliment the photos in your collage.

Save Your Design and Load it On ANY Other Case with 1 Click!

Remember, with one click you can add this same collage to any other product such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or iPod touch, too!  Save your design, and then on the right you will have

Have a great time and good luck with your collages!

  Click Here to Create Your Own iPad Case!        

Same Design for Any Case: Load a Custom Samsung Galaxy Case Design on a Custom iPad Case with 1 Click

Customize any design on any case!

Customize any design on any case with just 1 click! The Case Monkey Customizer will do the rest, and then you can make any adjustments to perfect it in seconds.

We are proud to announce’s newest addition to our website, making it easier for you to design a case that can be customized to more than just one product. When you want to have the same design on a variety of cases, you no longer have to re-create the design for each individual case.  You can design a custom Samsung Galaxy case that can be easily transferred to your other favorite electronic devices such as your iPad or iPod Touch.  If you’re designing a custom case for your business and everyone has a different type of phone, you’re only one click away to creating a custom iPhone case or a custom Samsung Galaxy that all look the same.  For cases with lots of editing and details, this new feature will make life much easier and save lots of time!

How to Match Your Custom Samsung Galaxy Case and Custom iPad Case

It’s so simple!  First, you will have to create your custom case masterpiece on any case of your choice.  If you’ve done it before you already know how fun and easy it is.  After you have created your work of art and saved it, you will be taken to a new page.  From here you will see the options on the right side of the page that allow you to add your item to your cart, or allow you to click on the other cases you would like to customize that design on.  Within just a few minutes you can have a custom Samsung Galaxy case, a custom iPhone case, a custom iPad case, and a custom iPod touch case that are all identical.

A Great and Unique Father’s Day Gift: a Custom Made Phone Case

What Better Way to Celebrate Father’s Day Than With a Custom Phone Case!

Custom Phone Case for Father's DayCustom Phone Case Father's DayFather’s day is coming up soon (Sunday June 16) and what a better way to give a thoughtful gift than to create a personalized custom iPhone, iPod or iPad case?  For a very affordable price, you can create that real personalized phone case for dad that he will proudly carry around and show off to his friends, family and co-workers. It’s a gif that people use every single day, protecting their phone, and reminding them of you.  The possibilities for your design are endless, and if you do not feel so creative, a simple picture of the family always works wonderfully.  Also showing something of his favorite hobbies or sports will come across as very thoughtful and is sure to be a hit.  With a phone case, you can rest assured that it will come out printed with great quality.

Case-Monkey Phone Cases Are Thoughtful and Unique

Custom iPhone Case for Father's DayCase-monkey cases are not only to look like one of Dad’s most thoughtful gifts ever, but it also gives a phone solid protection that lasts. products gives you a durable, sleek, quality printed phone cases that have a lightweight feel but are still sturdy and protective. This smart and stylish case design will prevent scratches or breaks from common drops, and will also have a raised lip surrounding your iPhone’s screen, keeping the screen ever so slightly raised off a table if placed face down to prevent scratches on the front.  So, that unique gift for Dad is also a great way to protect his phone for a long time with style!

Go to and Create Your Dad an iPhone Case He’ll Love!

  Create a Case!  

Phone Cases for Business

Branded and Custom Phone Cases for Entrepreneurs

You use your cell phone every day, you take it everywhere you go, and so does your staff and most everyone else.  What better low-cost way to promote your business and brand than to put your logo (and imagery or messaging) on your phone case?  It’s like a free advertisement that makes it further into people’s lives than anything else, sitting on a table in a bar or restaurant, or a counter in someone’s house.  Turn your phone into a walking advertisement and conversation starter that goes everywhere for under $25 (some volume discounts available).

Branded and Custom Phone Cases for Business Staff

If you are like most companies, you may pay for your employees phones, at least the customer facing sales, marketing and support staff, maybe the whole company.  They are out there every day meeting all kinds of potential customers in their day-to-day.

If you go on to, you can not only create your own custom phone cover with your business logo, and maybe some colors or picture or message you would like to put on there, but you can also buy them in bulk for your employees, hand them out during your sales meeting and let their phone not only be protected, but help spread brand awareness to the deepest areas where most ads don’t go.  If you’re considering buying in bulk, be sure to learn about our Corporate Programs first.

Case Monkey Corporate Programs

Case-Monkey can take it one step further for businesses looking to get branded or custom cases in bulk for their staff.  With Case Monkey Corporate Programs, we will assign a personal account manager for you who can get a professional branded design for your case made so that you don’t have to!  It is guaranteed high-resolution hand-designed quality.  On top of that, we can set up a special secure portal page for your company to customize your cases (within rules and guidelines, of course) so that your staff can add as much or as little of their own style as you want!  With our platform we’re even able to make specific rules JUST for your company, so that customization is limited, or unlimited, to exactly what you want – it’s up to you!

Some Basic Samples (not limited to these examples):

Business Phone Cases Samples  Phone Case for Business   Custom Business Phone Case  Custom Phone Case for Business  Custom Case Design  Custom Case Design

Start a Corporate Custom Phone Cases Program

Contact Case-Monkey today at or call 858-461-4427 and ask for our brochure of corporate programs. You will be amazed how well this works for your company, encouraging creativity, expanding your brand, and protecting your investment in company phones all at the same time for very low prices.


How to Create a Really Cool Custom Phone Case

How to start your cool custom phone case

When you hit the “Create a new design” button on, you can choose the phone you have and click on it. The model (template) will load and you will see the four (4) step process. This is the basic design process, in step 1 you choose to load a pre-designed case you can start off with for some ideas. Go to step 2 where you can create your own background.  You can choose a design from “background image” or “choose a background color”. Did you know that you can manipulate the background image and make it more or less transparent?  (Sample 1)


Next Step Create your Cool Custom Design

Next is Step 3 in the design process and here you can get really creative. Upload any picture from your computer and place it anywhere on your phone or iPad case. Get creative with collages of pictures and add other illustrations to your design. Create a theme or commemorate an event or if you are creating a gift for someone, use that perfect image of their firstborn or anything you know will make them go wow! Put some creative text on the case and use a fun font. Did you know that you can make your text stand out with the advanced tools under “Cool Effects” that case-monkey has to offer? (Sample 2)

Sample 2

Then Finish Up and Enjoy Your Custom Case

Case-monkey has not only the best prices for custom cases anywhere on the web, we also have the highest quality printing process. You will be amazed how clear your design is printed and how well it will hold up under daily use. Show off your design anywhere you go!


Why Use Custom iPhone Cases and iPad Cases from Case-Monkey

Got You Covered for Custom iPhone Cases?

Have you got a new iPhone or iPad for yourself and don’t want it to get scratched? If so then you should look for good Custom iPhone Cases or iPad Cases that can protect your gadget from any damage. Using a good cover can also add more life to your phone or tablet. There are different kinds of iPhone Cases and iPad Cases available these days, the plain covers and stylish designer covers and of course your own design created on Case-Monkey that can not only protect the phone but can also make it look more attractive.  

For a Good Reason or just for Fun!

The backside of the iPhone is quite fragile and can easily get covered with scratches. This is why it is a good idea to use a good cover that can provide it extra protection. The Case-Monkey Custom iPhone cases and iPad cases can give you this protection as they are of great quality and are quite durable as well. You can use it to protect your phone from damages and it would help you to maintain the shiny back exterior. Apart from being a great cover, the Case-Monkey Custom iPhone Cases will protect your phone and display your personalized style statement. You can create your own theme, use a pre-design from all kinds of samples or simply download your favorite picture. If you own a business it can be a great advertising tool, everywhere you go your business name and logo will be seen. Go try it out on Case-Monkey!