Custom Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Are Here!

Case Monkey is happy to announce the release of our new custom Samsung Galaxy S5 cases! With some of the greatest specs of any phone on the market the S5 is one of the most popular phones out today. Case Monkey is one of the first places that you can design your own and create your own Galaxy S5 case. These are definitely a sweet deal; to celebrate the recent launch we’ve put these Samsung Galaxy S5 cases on sale! Here are a few sample Galaxy S5 case designs we made during our testing; what kind of Galaxy S5 case can you make? Click here to design your own Galaxy S5 case!

The S5 is an amazing phone; if you have one you know how good it is. It is by far the nicest of all the Galaxy S series phones and blows away a lot of competition including a lot of the older iPhone models. Definitely recommended as an upgrade if you have your phone upgrade coming up for your plan. Once you’re holding one you know it needs one of these cases. This Galaxy S5 Thinshield is the perfect balance of protection and sleek style without being bulky. This easy snap-on one-piece hard-shell fits perfectly snug and is barely noticeable in your pocket. The hard plastic is very durable and can protect the phone from common drops or falls. The custom design is printed across the entire back of the case, from edge to edge, professionally in high quality, and the color of the un-printed areas are solid black.

Click here to make a custom Galaxy S5 case!

New Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Designs

FREE custom phone case: Facebook Summer Photo Contest

As summer begins to reach the peak of the season, we are giving you another reason to celebrate this wonderful time of year.  From July 31st, 2013 to August 15th, 2013 you can enter’s Summer Photo Contest on Facebook for a chance to win a FREE custom phone case!  All it takes is for you to upload your best summer design onto a custom phone case on  Once your masterpiece is finished and your design is saved, you can copy the URL link of your case and post it onto our Facebook wall at

How to Enter:

  • -Begin designing a phone case here and enter your email address to save your design.
  • -After the export is complete you will be taken to a new page with your completed case design.
  • -Copy the URL link from this page and post it on to our Facebook wall at
  • -Encourage people to “Like” your photo

Be the Custom Phone Case Winner

Now it is up to the rest of the world to decide whether your summer case design is the best one out there, and if you deserve a FREE custom phone case.  If your photo receives the most “Likes” and you are selected by to be the winner, then you can choose between a free custom case for an iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 case.  Remember the last day to submit a photo and acquire all your “Likes” is August 15th.

Summer Design Inspirations

There’s just something about summer that makes people smile, but why is that?  For us there are a number of reasons, one great reason being the sun.  As the days grow longer and the nights get shorter we are able to take full advantage of the benefits from the sun. In fact, there is a chemical serotonin produced in the body that is released with more exposure to the sun, which is a hormone known to make you happy.  Another great reason we love summer are the vacations!  Without school in session, there’s no better time for taking a break. Whether it is a month or a weekend vacation, we’ve all been able to enjoy those few days when we can finally kick our feet up and take time to relax.  What are your reasons for loving summer? Use any of these reasons as an inspiration to start your summer design on your custom phone case!

Enter Now

Custom Samsung Case for Animated Movie Fans: Carry Your Favorite Character

“Despicable Me” Minions on the Rise

Everyone has been waiting for the big release of “Despicable Me 2.”  Not many movie series have made bad guys so easy to love, especially when accompanied by an army of minions.  Majority of people actually seem to be most excited for what these little minions will be up to next in their newest film.  These yellow fellows seem to be showing up all over the city.  Their faces have been covering buses, billboards, and blimps.  They even have their own ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  “Despicable Me” enthusiasts can support these unique characters by using them as a design for a custom Samsung case.  You will be able to carry your own personal “Despicable Me” minion around in your pocket wherever you go.  All you have to do is upload a photo of your favorite minion, or minions, on to the case of your choice.  Make sure to show it off when you go to see Despicable Me 2 in theaters.

Other Character Crazes for Your Custom Samsung Case

Don’t feel pressured to let these minions “take over” the cover of your custom Samsung case or any other custom case you may be creating.  There are still countless cartoon characters that many of us have come to love, for example classic Disney characters, that will look just as great on your case.  Mickey Mouse, the official mascot of Walt Disney, is another great movie-star to have on the cover of your custom Samsung case.  There’s also all the famous Disney princesses like Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White.  It’s the perfect way to personalize your phone and share your interests.  Representing your favorite cartoon characters on T-shirts, ties, or toys has always been a common way to show you’re a fan, but now you can take it one step further and have them on your custom Samsung case!

For the True Fans

If you really want to show your “Despicable Me” minion pride, or any other cartoon character pride, design not only a custom Samsung case, but a custom case for any other devices you may have.  Get creative and make an individual design for each case with your favorite cartoon character in a different element, or use our site’s simple one-click feature to get the same design on any of the cases we offer.

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