iPad Cases – You Need One Too!

After having so much fun looking for YouTube clips of people shattering iPhones without cases, we decided to take a look for videos of shattering iPads.

We found some good stuff but these two videos of iPads were a perfect example of why to get an iPad case. iPad drops do happen and a low cost, high quality iPad case can save you the headache of a broken iPad screen down the line. The much larger screen obviously has more area to shatter and the increased weight of the iPad over the iPhone means it can sometimes hit even harder. Even more reason to practice safety first and protect your iPad with an iPad case.

Take a look at the difference even a small cover can provide in this clip (warning- this does hurt to watch):

Although we have never found ourselves dangling iPads out a second story window, here is another video showing an iPad case saving the day.

iPhone 5 Cases From The Past

The iPhone 5 has been one of the most anticipated releases in consumer electronics in years. A major upgrade to the most popular device in the world, and from a company known for insightful innovation, the iPhone 5 had been dreamed about for some time. Over the years since the release of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S many iPhone 5 rumors have been swirling. iPhone 5 case rumors are no exception! With September here and iPhone 5 case rumors abounding lets take a look back a year and see some of the leaked iPhone 5 case designs from 2011.

The Original iPhone 5 Case

Way back in May 2011 this beauty leaked on to Alibaba. It was quickly taken down but not before the Internet got ahold of it. Feast your eyes on the earliest leaked iPhone 5 case from May 2011.  We talked about this iPhone 5 case in a previous post.

The Details: Leaked iPhone 5 Case Design

In July 2011 MobileFun released a CAD drawing of the iPhone 5. At the beginning of September of last year, when things were heating up, MacRumors took this design and then had a sample commissioned.

The Fakes: Fake iPhones Released

Even last year we had iPhone 5 cases coming out that were designed for the fake Chinese iPhone 5s. Giz-China reported this same iPhone 5 fakes back in April of last year and of course cases have been made and shipped to fit these fakes as was shown by 9to5Mac late last year.

iPhone 5 Cases From China

iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Case CAD Drawing

iPhone 5 Case CAD Drawing Released in 2011

iPhone 5 In China

iPhone 5 In China

iPhone 5 Cases for Chinese iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Cases From China

iPhone 5 Cases

Recently TechCrunch released this article on iPhone 5 cases showing off a Chinese company offering bulk iPhone 5 cases.  One of the comments on that article mentions that these “iPhone 5″ cases are likely for fake iPhone 5’s in China. [2]  There are always frequent reports of cases being available early as was the case with previous iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  Mostly the leaked designs are fake, and as Apple frequently releases new products in September you will frequently see links to iPhone 5 case designs going as far back as September of last year.

Don’t get caught up in the iPhone 5 hype and purchase a case that doesn’t fit! Most reports claim Apple will be releasing huge new upgrades with the iPhone 5, and that can mean case makers will have to do some retooling from any previous designs! This means almost all the cases and case designs leaked are fake or are generic teasers based off previous iPhone 5 rumors.  Here are some classic iPhone 5 rumors from last year when everyone was sure Apple would release the iPhone 5.

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