Design Your Own Phone Case To Protect Your Phone

Protect Your Phone

Your phone is like a small portable laptop that fits right in your pocket or purse. It is a small but valuable object that we carry around with us almost everywhere. So it is important to protect it with a phone case. And what better way to create the perfect case than to design your own phone case. When designing you own phone case, you can customize everything from the type of case the to color and design of the phone case. With’s online tools, you can easily create just the design you want. The power to create is just a few clicks away.

The Right Type of Case

The other day when I was longboarding, I tossed my phone into my hoodie pocket. I was doing a trick from a position of siting on my board to standing, and my phone flew out of my pocket. It landed face down on the cement and the screen was  cracked with the LCD screen completely broken. I had a case on my phone, but for the type of activity I was doing, a thin plastic case was not enough. I definitely could have gone with a tough case to have that extra layer of protection for shock absorbent in this situation. The tough case is a little more expensive than the standard case, but a few extra dollars would have gone a long way. For you who carry your phone with you during outdoor activities, I would suggest the tough case. If your phone sits in a purse or bag most of the time, then a basic snap on case will do.

Design Your Own Phone Case

It is easy to design your own phone case using Case-Monkey’s online design tools. You can add photos, add backgrounds, and different fonts to your phone case. The quality of the plastic and the rubber lining are top quality and will not break easily. You can also select a shiny or matte case depending on the look you are going for.

Start Designing!

Black Friday Sales: iPhone Cases

The holidays are going to be here faster than you can say “How many deer would a reindeer reign if a reindeer could reign deer?” So keep an eye out for some extra Black Friday discounts we will be posting to help you save some money this year.

Black Friday Sale Custom iphone case  

Black Friday Shopping Chaos!

Shopping for the best gift may not require you to setup camp outside Best Buy this year. You will not even have to enter the chaos of the shopping malls with your best pair of running shoes on. Maybe the camping trips and mall marathons are not that bad as I hear, but sometimes creating a special gift can be easier than trying to pick one out. Here at Case Monkey, we have an assortment of phone and iPad case models to choose from. And our online design tool allows you to personalize each special gift.

Custom Phone Case Black Friday Sales

We currently carry iphone 6 & 6plus, iPhone 5 & 5s, Samsung Galaxy s4, iPad 2-4 & iPad Air cases. There are different cases available to meet your custom needs. For the active and buttery fingers type, we have the tough case that will save your phone from frequent tumbles. For the people who just need a simple case, we have the Snap On case. If you are going for something more sleek looking, we also carry the matte case. There is also the option of purchasing a gift card so that your special someone can try out their own designing skills.

Start Designing a Case!

Use our website to customize iphone case gifts

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Keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Up With the Mustache Trend

Mustaches seem to not only be growing on faces these days, but on wardrobes as well. The ‘stache is back showing up on clothes, cakes, nails, jewelry, baby binkies and more. You can become a part of this trend by customizing your own mustache Samsung Galaxy S4 case. Now males aren’t the only ones who get to embrace this fun-facial hair culture.

What Style is Your Mustache Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Growing?

The hardest part may be deciding which type of mustache your going to use to design your case. Will it be the Walrus, the Fu Manchu or the Dali? The possible styles for your Samsung Galaxy S4 case are endless. On top of that, you may decide you want to add a funny saying to your case. A favorite for many being, “I mustache you a question, but will shave it for later.”

Once you’ve created your design, you may be wondering what exactly your ‘stache says about you. It’s all up to your own interpretation, but here’s what we think about a few of the styles. The Walrus says you are laid back and fun, and you have an aura of low-key. The Fu Manchu says you are masculine yet introspective, a scholar and yet a fighter. Finally, the Dali says you are unique and original, or in other words you are completely off the wall. Makes It Easy makes it easy to get your Samsung Galaxy S4 case designed with the perfect mustache that fits your style and maybe even your personality. In four simple steps you can upload your photo and add graphics or texts creating the perfect case. Find out for yourself how fun and easy it is to make your own case. We’d would love to sit here all day and tell you exactly how great it is, but unfortunately we really mustache.

Give a Custom Galaxy Case or Give a Gift Card

A custom Galaxy case has always been, and still is, a great gift whether it is for someone’s birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, or some other wonderful celebration.  Sometimes giving such a perfect gift can be harder than you thought though.  You might not know what type of phone that special someone has, and you may not know his or her style well enough to design a custom phone case that they will actually use.  To solve these issues that may arise, we have provided you the option to give a gift card instead!  It’s easy for you and fun for them.  If your not sure whether they own the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy S4, you no longer have to worry about which custom Galaxy case will be the right case.  Maybe they don’t even own a Samsung Galaxy, but rather an iPhone.

Gift of Designing a Custom Galaxy Case

It’s still that same great gift, but now the person receiving it can enjoy the fun in personalizing it himself or herself.  That means you also won’t have to worry about whether they will like the design that you made.  By giving that special someone a gift card they are sure to get a case that will fit their phone with a design they will be guaranteed to love.

Giving a Gift Card

We offer two options for our gift cards.  We have a $30 and a $50 dollar gift card to choose from.  If you know it’s a custom Galaxy case they are looking for, then the $30 gift card will be a wonderful gift.  If you want to give them the option to design more than one custom Galaxy case, or maybe design a custom iPad case, then the $50 gift card will be an even better gift.  You’ll still get the credit for coming up with this unique yet practical gift, and you’ll be letting that special someone enjoy the fun of actually designing it.

Get a Gift Card Here

Bringing Your Samsung Galaxy Case Back to the 1920’s

In a world where technology is all about the newest up-and-coming trends that nobody has ever been seen before, fashion tends to be the complete opposite where the hottest trends are usually a blast from the past. But what about having a little bit of both? Like having the latest greatest Samsung Galaxy S4 with all its amazing features such as a 5” touch screen display and a 13MP camera, while all at the same time protecting this phone with a fashionable vintage Samsung Galaxy case.

Simplicity of Your Samsung Galaxy Case

Many people have a sense of nostalgia for the olden days when things were much simpler. The vintage trends have given people a chance to feel like they can take a step back in time away from the commotion and stress of the 21st century. In 1876 the first sentence successfully transmitted over a telephone was “Watson come here; I want you,” by Alexander Graham Bell. Today that same line can be transmitted not only over a telephone, but also through a text message, email, and/or social media platform all from the same device with half the amount of effort. That first sentence was transmitted within the same building from one room to the next. Today we can communicate with someone in the next room just as easy as with someone across the world. With your Samsung Galaxy you can appreciate the many capabilities technology has given you, and with your vintage Samsung Galaxy case you can remember and appreciate the days from when it all began.

Samsung Galaxy Case Vintage Designs

A Samsung Galaxy Case with a design from the 1920’s will not only make you appreciate these precious years, but people will love the trendy look it adds to your phone. You can design your case with a current photo and give it a vintage filter to it making it look like you just found it in your great grandmothers jewelry box. You could also use an old floral pattern that was commonly used back in the day or an image of your favorite vintage item, such as the first telephone. The options are endless for how you can design your Samsung Galaxy Case. Be unique and go chic!

Create A Case Now

Same Design for Any Case: Load a Custom Samsung Galaxy Case Design on a Custom iPad Case with 1 Click

Customize any design on any case!

Customize any design on any case with just 1 click! The Case Monkey Customizer will do the rest, and then you can make any adjustments to perfect it in seconds.

We are proud to announce’s newest addition to our website, making it easier for you to design a case that can be customized to more than just one product. When you want to have the same design on a variety of cases, you no longer have to re-create the design for each individual case.  You can design a custom Samsung Galaxy case that can be easily transferred to your other favorite electronic devices such as your iPad or iPod Touch.  If you’re designing a custom case for your business and everyone has a different type of phone, you’re only one click away to creating a custom iPhone case or a custom Samsung Galaxy that all look the same.  For cases with lots of editing and details, this new feature will make life much easier and save lots of time!

How to Match Your Custom Samsung Galaxy Case and Custom iPad Case

It’s so simple!  First, you will have to create your custom case masterpiece on any case of your choice.  If you’ve done it before you already know how fun and easy it is.  After you have created your work of art and saved it, you will be taken to a new page.  From here you will see the options on the right side of the page that allow you to add your item to your cart, or allow you to click on the other cases you would like to customize that design on.  Within just a few minutes you can have a custom Samsung Galaxy case, a custom iPhone case, a custom iPad case, and a custom iPod touch case that are all identical.